Mutation began as a need to hear an album that no one else looked likely to make.
An album that wallowed in sheer grindcore brutality whilst allowing itself to be lifted by twisted talons of melodic majesty, and, with no loyalty to genre, delve into darker recesses of sonic experimentation.

Featuring the talents of Shane Embury (Napalm Death), Ginger Wildheart (The Wildhearts) and Jon Poole (Cardiacs), with guest appearances from Mark E Smith (The Fall) and Merzbow, Mutation is a an eight man beast that exists to challenge the listener’s preconceived ideas of extreme music.

Mutation will reward your attention with a white knuckle ride that travels at blast-beat speed along rails of industrial mayhem, thrilling with break neck twists and hyper rhythmic turns, guaranteed to leave you breathless and baying for more.

Intense and entirely random, this is an album to be loved by fans of all genres of experimental and extreme music, but especially by the type of listener that needs the parameters shifted a little more to the left.

If you’re waiting for the next step in the evolution of extreme music then look no further.

Mutation is here. We have already begun.

Track: Mutation - White Leg

Hey guys – thank you so much for making 100% / 555% such a huge success. This is Gingers HIGHEST charting album since Fishing For Luckies in 1996. This has debuted higher than all of his solo albums and Chutzpah, The White album, Must be destroyed AND Endless Nameless from The Wildhearts.

To be celebrating a new top 30 album, 16 years after the last one is a massive achievement. Thanks for helping make this happen.

Gav McCaughey

Artist: Ginger Wildheart
Album: 100%

Ginger Wildheart - 100%


Today sees the release of 100%, the commercial version of the 555% PledgeMusic project. This single disc release contains the top 12 tracks as voted by the Pledgers, from the 30 tracks recorded for 555%.

It is available from all good music retailers (Amazon, Play, HMV, iTunes, etc), so if you didn’t get hold of 555% before it was deleted, then this is your chance to enjoy at least some of the fantastic tracks from this session.

The track listing runs as follows:

  1. Forget About It
  2. Internal Radio
  3. Lover It’ll all Work Out
  4. You’re The One, You’re The One, Yeah, I Know You’re The One, You’re The One (Yeah, I Know You’re The One)
  5. It Appears That The Party Is Over
  6. Taste Aversion
  7. Another Spinning Fucking Rainbow
  8. Just Another Song About Someone
  9. Westward Ho! (A New Reputation)
  10. Beautifully, Blissfully Unsettled
  11. We’ve Been Expecting You
  12. Time

As a bit of a treat for US fans, and a taster for those who are yet to succumb, the song “Lover, It’ll All Work Out” is available to download FREE from iTunes all this week. Check it out here.

Check out this video for the opening track of 100%, “Forget About It”, which features footage from Ginger’s recent tour of Japan:

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